Starlinger - FIBC Testing Machine stacoTEST

textile packaging FIBC TESTING MACHINE stacoTEST 300 specially designed to perform top lift tests, for FIBCs with single point and multipoint suspension, meets international standards

20kN 20kN customer connected by supply 1/2" Compressed air customer connected by supply 1" inlet/outlet (10bar) Cooling water customer connected by Electric supply required space OIL 20kN load load 20kN OIL 150 150 2000 2300 4900 5100 8530 5150 200 1230 4850 2000 7250 7300 200 1230 150 4850 150 Machine pictured may include equipment sold as options. We reserve the right to technical modifications. DPR-24711-09V Starlinger Head Office Sonnenuhrgasse 4 1060 Vienna, Austria T: + 43 1 59955-0, F: -180 Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft m.b.H. A member of Starlinger Group stacoTEST 300 All data depending on design! Technical Data stacoTEST 300 Tensile load 1 and 2 point container (max.) 159 kN (16.2 t) Pressure load 4 point container (max.) 196 kN (20 t) Height of bags (max.) 2.5 m Filling capacity of bags (max.) 3 m3 Test facility for one, two and four point containers Suspension equipment according to EFIBCA standard Filling time for 1 m3 3 min Advantages • Loads up to 20 t • M ax. height of bags 2.5 m • I ndividual reading for each of the 4 load points • Q uick filling (filling time for 1 m3 material approximately 3 min.) • A utomatic running of cyclic loading • M eets international standards: British standard BS 6382, French standard FN H34-012, EFIBCA standards 03/04/05, UN regulations and the new European and ISO standards Standard equipment • Receiver for the granulate in the base of the machine • Elevator for transporting the granulate to the upper silo • Control centre for the electronic measuring devices with all operating switches • Remote control at the test rig for operation during the installation of the test piece • Displays for the current load and breaking load above the LCD display • Set of load plates for different sizes of FIBCs Optional equipment • Device for compression tests • Sophisticated software for recording complete test reports including diagrams Drawing shows machine equipped with all options Screen shots