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textile packaging TECHNOLOGY FOR BLOCK BOTTOM VALVE SACKS > 25,000,000,000 sacks/year produced on Starlinger machinery, turnkey technology, economic, eco-friendly, best protection, fully automatic filling, perfect stacking, worldwide patented, significantly less CO2 emissions

The AD*STAR® sack is made of coated or BOPP film laminated polypropylene fabric and can be produced either as valve or open mouth block bottom sack in a one- or two-layer design. It surpasses all comparable products as far as resistance to breakage is concerned, and is versatile as well as eco-friendly and economic. In 1993, Starlinger started the development of a new sack concept. The idea of the AD*STAR® sack was to combine the advantages of the traditional sack types known by then: • the brick shape and suitability for automatic handling of a paper bag • the tightness and flexibility of a PE film bag • the strength and resistance of a woven polypropylene bag Only a few months later, in 1994, a patent application was filed for this ground-breaking concept of a one-layer block bottom valve bag made of stretched and woven polypropylene tapes and produced without the use of glue, only by applying hot air and pressure. Shortly after the concept was published, the first two AD*STAR® conversion lines were sold in 1996. Since then, Starlinger has improved both the sack and the production machinery with each generation. Tear-proof and easy to handle The AD*STAR® sack takes its strength from the characteristics of the raw material and the special production technique. This combination is what enables the AD*STAR® sack to protect its valuable contents even under rough conditions. Unlike other means of packaging, the AD*STAR® sack is resistant to dropping, bending, and squeezing, and keeps its full strength when exposed to water or humidity. Even with rough handling AD*STAR® sacks do not rip open. Due to their strength and block shape AD*STAR® sacks can be stacked up to the roof and therefore save valuable One sack for various products storage area. In addition, their attractive appearance makes for almost unlimited marketing possibilities. Another important feature that has helped to further the acceptance of the AD*STAR® sack is that it is easy to handle. When using AD*STAR® sacks on existing filling lines, no adjustments are needed for manual filling stations, and only minor adjustments are required for automatic ones. It goes without saying that the AD*STAR® sack is suited to high speed filling and automatic palletizing.

textile packaging cement misc. building materials fertiliser chemicals misc. resins others Applications cement lime gypsum mortar ready mix putty fertiliser seeds animal feed flour coffee cocoa sugar chemicals PP resin PE resin masterbatch shopping Specifications Shape: block bottom – brick shape Material: coated woven PP tapes Tape width: 2.5 – 5 mm Fabric weight: 50 – 80 g/m2 Coating weight: 17 – 25 g/m2 Type: valve or open mouth Valve material: PP fabric, PE film or non-woven Attachment of patches: patented sealing process with hot air and pressure Air permeability: adjustable by microperforation Valve style: standard/elongated/pocket Dimensions Width: 260 mm – 650 mm Length: 310 mm – 1200 mm Bottom width: 80 mm – 180 mm Filling volume: 5 – 115 L

230g 165g 150g 140g 75g (62g) gramms 250 200 150 100 50 paper 4 layer paper 3 layer PE film paper 2 layer AD*STAR® Average empty sack weight for a 50 kg sack The multifunctional packaging genius Over the years, the AD*STAR® sack has convinced a vast community of sack users by its superior quality and benefits. Many will no longer consider any other type of packaging. Low weight, high tensile strength, high speed filling properties, or unique stackability – which AD*STAR® advantage will clinch it for you? The conclusive answer to the growing powder and bulk material markets is AD*STAR®! The vision of an all-purpose sack has come true, as the AD*STAR® sack can be used for all types of free-flowing goods such as cement, building materials, fertiliser, chemicals and resins, as well as flour, sugar, or animal feed. It is also possible to laminate high-quality printed BOPP film to the fabric. This innovative technique puts AD*STAR® on the map in the consumer bag sector – a market that has started to attract attention and has enormous potential especially in industrial countries. The possibility to print the bottom patches of AD*STAR® sacks ensures attractive shelf design for end consumer applications. The multiskilling champion Filling volumes from 5 – 115 liters, from nearly airtight to highly air permeable, from extremely low sack weight to maximum strength, from industrial to consumer bag: AD*STAR® is geared to the respective requirements of each application. For filling goods that are highly aerated, microSTAR perforation ensures high air permeability and, at the same time, virtually zero product emission from the sacks. As a result of the material characteristics and the special production process, the weight of an average 50 kg AD*STAR® cement sack is around 75g but can be as low as 62g.

textile packaging Ready for take off! AD*STAR® sacks work well with both fully automatic and manual filling machinery. Open mouth style: Even with a block bottom only on one end, AD*STAR® sacks play out their full strength when it comes to palletising and stacking. Valve closure: Should any circumstances require a closed valve, the AD*STAR® sack can meet this demand without hassles. Furthermore, it is possible to close the optional pocket valve manually after the filling process.

Life Cycle Analysis: AD*STAR® cement sacks vs. paper cement sacks, Saudi Arabia Global warming potential* Ozone layer depletion potential Fresh water use Primary energy demand Photochemical ozone creation potential Acidification potential AD*STAR 2-layer Kraft paper sack 3-layer Kraft paper sack *excl. biogenic carbon Environment in the green, finances in the black The economical use of raw material, the extremely low breakage rate, the recyclability and reusability of the sacks: Each ecological advantage is also reflected as an economic benefit. AD*STAR® for ecology and economy The impressive reduction of the breakage rate when compared with conventional sacks has both an environmental and an economic effect: First, the risk of contaminating earth and water with the filling material is nearly zero. In addition, the savings potential is enormous given that realistic breakage rates in the life cycle of e.g. cement bags (filling, conveying, palletising, stacking, loading, transporting, unloading, etc.) can be as high as 5 %. A question of sustainability The cement industry accounts for a share of about 4 % of global man-made CO2 emissions, contributing significantly to global warming. During the production of 1 ton of cement approximately 800 kg of CO2 are generated. Using AD*STAR® sacks would, thanks to the reduced breakage rate, save the replacement production of millions of tons of cement worldwide. The emission of CO2 into the atmosphere would be cut down, as well as other environmental impacts such as ozone depletion, acid rain, or summer smog. Biodegradability? Also possilbe for AD*STAR® sacks: oxo-biodegradable additives can be added during the extrusion and lamination processes so that discarded sacks degrade after a determined period. High marketability What is more, most of the breakage occurs not within the cement plant but outside at the distributor and end customer during transport and handling. This is the reason why so many customers ask for the AD*STAR® sack by name! Offering and advertising AD*STAR® sacks can give you a huge marketing advantage over your competitors and help you sell your production. Even after emptying, AD*STAR® sacks are a resource Recycling is one option because polypropylene is 100 % recyclable into resin; another possibility is burning the sacks to recover the very high calorific value which is almost as high as the energy value of fuel oil. In many countries, second-hand woven bags are in demand for a variety of practical uses, from handy waste bags to planting bags for vegetables, or as roof coverings. The life cycle analysis commissioned by Starlinger shows clearly that AD*STAR® cement sacks have significantly lower global warming potential than e.g. 2- and 3-layer paper sacks. Also the ozone layer depletion potential, acidification potential (causes acid rain), photochemcial ozone creation potential (causes summer smog), primary energy demand and fresh water use is a lot less. Source: Carbon Footprint and LCA of AD*STAR Technology. thinkstep AG, Germany. March 2016.

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Many tasks, a single sack concept One sack, one solution: Starlinger supplies the integrated machinery concept that comprises all necessary production steps to manufacture modern, multifunctional woven polypropylene sacks. extrusion and winding weaving coating printing tubing slitting conversion baling recycling

textile packaging • tape extrusion: high-strength tapes are produced by stretching after the extrusion process • weaving: the tapes are woven to tear-proof fabric on circular looms • extrusion coating: a thin polymer film that makes the fabric airtight is laminated to the fabric on the extrusion coating line • printing: to enhance the visual appeal of the sacks, up to 8 colours can be imprinted on the fabric • slitting: top, bottom and valve patches are pre-cut for the conversion line • conversion: on the Starlinger conversion lines the sacks are assembled by forming the block bottom and applying the bottom and valve patches using the worldwide patented hot air sealing technology • recycling: waste created during production can be reprocessed on a recycling line • baling: to save valuable space when shipping the sacks, up to 6000 AD*STAR® sacks can fit onto a pallet • laboratory equipment: for continuous quality control to ensure constant product quality

No unnecessary machine stops, minimum rejects An integrated fabric width monitoring system continuously checks the fabric width and automatically compensates width variations, ensuring constant high-quality bottom geometry. This does not only avoid unnecessary machine stops, but also reduces the number of rejects significantly. Changing the sack format is also easier and quicker than ever: Most adjustments can be carried out by a simple key press. In addition, it is possible to adjust the valve and cover patch positions and to change the valve and cover patch rolls during production. Sensors placed at strategic process points ensure smooth operation. All these improvements make for a machine that can run virtually non-stop except for main fabric roll change and maintenance work. The new generation microSTAR microperforation unit takes perforation to a whole new level. It guarantees efficient aeration with virtually zero product emission, is more user-friendly than ever before, and easy to maintain. Higher output and higher efficiency than ever before Starlinger is always searching for ways to simplify the workflow and to fine-tune the production process. The continuous bottom opening and forming system of the ad*starKON conversion line results in high production speeds and less wear parts. Compared to its predecessors, the efficiency is even higher – numerous steps have been taken to reduce non-productive time and waste to a minimum. ad*starKON - performance Bringing together the know-how of sack producers, packers and handling technology specialists with the expert knowledge of Starlinger, the efficient high-speed performance of the ad*starKON captures the competitive edge in your market for you.

textile packaging excellence Quality matters For Starlinger, quality assurance includes whatever it takes to not only maintain a constant product quality, but also to achieve a sustainable quality increase. The optional new generation qualiSTAR II quality assurance system can be integrated into the AD*STAR® production process to separate faulty sacks. In the last production step on the ad*starKON any sacks that differ from the defined standard sack geometry are removed automatically. Touchscreens show the big picture As is customary on Starlinger machinery – and highly appreciated by the operating personnel – the ad*starKON is equipped with a touchscreen display. This is another sign of our drive towards maximum ease of use. A very useful feature is the maintenance guide, which reminds the operator of the upcoming maintenance works and guides him through the process step by step.

Hands-On Innovation Starlinger is the world’s leading supplier of the complete range of machinery to produce woven polypropylene sacks. A position like this doesn’t just fall into your lap – it’s a tough job to acquire it. Ongoing innovation is indispensable if you aim to boost productivity and at the same time reduce the cost of energy consumption and manpower of your existing products. The new trends regarding consumer and cement packaging applications are sacks with convenience features, small sack formats, BOPP laminated sacks, and multi- layer sacks. Convenient to handle – AD*STAR® *carry Starlinger’s newly launched AD*STAR® *carry sack comes with handles and makes it easy to carry products like cement, ready-mix concrete or fertilizer packaged in it. Designed in the typical AD*STAR® block bottom shape, the sack is equipped with a pair of punched handles on the bag top that lie flat but open easily to provide a comfortable grip for easy carrying. The special handle patches are manufactured in a preparatory process and welded onto the sack top during the conversion process in the Starlinger ad*starKON line – no adhesives or seams are required. The sacks hold filling quantities from 5 kg up to 50 kg and can be used for packaging a wide range of dry bulk goods destined for wholesale and retail sale. The additional features on Starlinger machinery are far from being sales gimmicks. In the end, these apparent gadgets are what make our customers competitive in their markets because they give them a unique range of products. Small and easy – AD*STAR® *mini The AD*STAR® *mini sack is Starlinger’s answer to the demands of the end-consumer market. Currently the smallest AD*STAR® sack worldwide, it can be produced on Starlinger ad*starKON HX conversion lines. With a capacity of 5 – 15 kg (depending on the bulk weight of the content) it is perfect for packaging smaller quantities of dry bulk materials sold in the retail sector. BOPP – high quality printing for consumer bags The use of high-resolution printed BOPP film makes it possible to enter the consumer bag market with a high-quality product that will quickly gain market shares especially in industrial countries. The attractive printed BOPP film is laminated onto flat fabric on the coating line before the fabric is converted into a fabric tube on the tubing line and wound up on a roll. On the ad*starKON the tubular BOPP laminated fabric is converted into AD*STAR® block bottom valve sacks or open mouth sacks. 2-ply AD*STAR® bags – best protection for moisture sensitive content In very hot and humid areas, 2-ply bags are the answer for safely transporting and storing sensitive content. The bags are produced with an inner layer of paper or plastic film, which not only helps to avoid moisture intrusion, but also reduces dust formation. 2-ply AD*STAR® bags are used for packaging moisture sensitive bulk materials such as powders, chemicals or construction materials. New easy-open feature – AD*STAR *easy No need for knifes or tools: To open the sack, a strip that is welded to the bottom patch is simply pulled off and the sack can be emptied quickly and easily. gripTEC technology – secure and stable stacking The slip characteristics of plastic packaging are a widely discussed issue. Corresponding to customer wishes Starlinger has developed an anti-slip surface for its most popular packaging solution. By using gripTEC technology, the coefficient of friction of AD*STAR® sacks is increased by up to 200%. This enables safe stacking and transport even under difficult environmental conditions such as dust and/or humidity and makes handling of the packaging safer and more efficient. Wide range of applications: AD*STAR® *easy, AD*STAR® *mini, BOPP laminated, AD*STAR® *carry

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Since the patent application back in 1994, the AD*STAR® concept has become a standard in various industries. Today, AD*STAR® is a registered trademark, protected around the globe. A turnkey project, and then what? To us at Starlinger, “turnkey” means not only delivering a ready-to-use production plant with state-of-the-art machinery. Turnkey supply and global support No technology without philosophy: More than 950 satisfied customers in over 130 countries not only testify that Starlinger reigns supreme in its field, but also signify that Starlinger’s philosophy of best possible customer service and close customer contact stands the test. Our efforts go far beyond that, because for us, innovation involves the dynamic interplay of many converging fronts of progress. On the most basic level: We use the newest technology for building our machinery, which in turn answers to the highest standards of precision, usability, and productivity. But product technology and machine innovation also impel each other forward, as do packaging concepts We care! Our trained technicians will show you how to run your production with maximum effectiveness and minimum waste, and our AD*STAR® promotional work in your markets will help you to sell your production. and new methods in bulk goods marketing and logistics. We make it our business to be knowledgeable and proactive in confronting the challenges our customers – and their customers – are facing. To increase the productivity and flexibility of the solutions we provide, we put a lot of effort into the best possible utilisation of our technology. Because: Even the lowest energy consumption, the highest efficiency, and the lowest waste rate mean nothing if all this potential is not achieved in practice. Therefore we provide our customers with the support of a worldwide after-sales service network with offices in Austria, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, USA, and Uzbekistan with well-trained specialists based in each office. Our customers can also fall back on our team of over 100 service engineers and specialists who are constantly travelling to help them anywhere in the world as fast as possible. Effective after-sales service is mandatory for us, since only a profitably running operation guarantees a high return on investment for the customer, which, in turn, enables us to grow together. You are not alone Our product-savvy AD*STAR® team is happy to assist you by organising sample bags to introduce the AD*STAR® sack to your market, or performing filling trials on site before you decide to take the AD*STAR® route. As a Starlinger customer, you can rely on our continuous support which we will provide in any possible way to ensure that your production runs smoothly.

textile packaging 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 5000 10.000 20.000 15.000 25.000 25.000 35.000 2025 2020 Algeria Argentina Azerbaijan Bangladesh Brazil Bulgaria Chile China Costa Rica Dominican Rep. Ecuador Egypt Ethiopia Greece Guatemala Hungary India Indonesia Iran Ivory Coast Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Laos Libya Malaysia Mexico Myanmar Nepal Nigeria Oman Pakistan Peru Philippines Russia Saudi Arabia Serbia South Africa Sudan Syria Tanzania More than 190 satisfied sack producers with over 650 AD*STAR® conversion lines Thailand Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan UAE Ukraine Uzbekistan Vietnam Zambia Zimbabwe Whether by promoting the bag at numerous events around the world, with articles in different magazines, by forwarding sack inquiries to our customers, or by further developing the AD*STAR® sack and its applications: The Starlinger AD*STAR® team collaborates closely with you as a sack producer, with sack users, and with specialists from filling and handling machinery producers towards the goals of helping you sell your production and advancing the market potential of the AD*STAR® sack around the world. AD*STAR® production capacity worldwide million sacks per year

Starlinger Head Office Sonnenuhrgasse 4 1060 Vienna, Austria T: + 43 1 59955-0, F: -25 Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft m.b.H. A member of Starlinger Group AD*STAR® is a registered trademark of Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft m.b.H. and is produced exclusively on Starlinger machines. We reserve the right to technical modifications. DPR-23341-09V