Starlinger - Weaving Technology

Plastics are clearly the material of choice: Global demand for polypropylene is increasing at the rate of 6-8% per year. Without textile packaging, today’s commerce and logistics would be unthinkable. MANY TASKS, ONE SOLUTION: WOVEN FABRIC Today the range of applications for woven plastic fabric is almost unlimited, and new uses for this outstanding material pop up at a tremendous pace. One of the driving forces behind this triumphal procession of woven fabric is without a doubt Starlinger. The huge success that Starlinger has seen in “our market” can be attributed to the fact that, from the development of new industrial solutions onward through all subsequent stages of technical advance- ment, Starlinger has never restricted its focus to one particular area but instead looks at all business interests involved. That’s why Starlinger is well aware that fabric producers are obviously looking for high outputs and an excellent cost/performance ratio in their machinery, while they also want to serve as many markets as possible in order to maintain commercial autonomy. “When I first got in contact with Starlinger twenty-one years ago, I instantly realised that this is a different company with different machines. Starlinger is not the kind of company which is only trying to sell. They really take care of their customers by helping them to get the highest possible efficiency. They always have the whole process in mind and are far ahead in terms of technology.” Ricardo Vivolo, Director Grupo Embrasa, Matáo (Brazil) Versatility and flexibility in the production equipment are the growing-ground for new product ideas. Options and features available with Starlinger ma- chinery are anything but gimmicks – they give our customers an often decisive edge over the competi- tion by making unique products possible. Here are a few examples of products that can be manufactured on Starlinger machinery: • industrial sacks • consumer packaging • leno and leno plus sacks • shopping and carrier bags • FIBC fabric • tarpaulins • agrotextiles • geotextiles A flexible operation can anticipate changes more quickly than a more statically operating competitor. In other words: Enterprises that team up with Starlinger don’t just watch the trends, they set them!