Starlinger - PET for textile applications

PET tape fabric: outstanding performance for demanding applications Resistance to chemical substances, excellent gas and moisture barrier, high impact resistance, food contact safety: PET has proven its superior characteristics as a packaging material in many areas. And – it is endlessly recyclable. F X loom series Circular looms for PET tape fabric viscoSTAR SSP reactor Solid-state polycondensation plant for PET/rPET pellets and flakes starEX 1600 PF PET tape extrusion line for process- ing PET pellets and flakes lamiTEC C X Lamination line with co-extrusion for coating the PET fabric with PET, PP, PE, and laminating of OPET Production technology The production process of PET tape fabric requires special machine configurations and production settings – from the predrying unit/SSP reactor to the PET tape production line and tape winders to the specially equipped circular looms on which the PET fabric is produced. Both virgin PET and rPET (flakes, pellets) can be processed. Carpet backing, geotextiles The dimensional stability and high temperature tolerance of PET tape fabric makes it the perfect choice for geotextiles and carpet backing. It keeps broadloom carpets in shape, and carpet tiles with PET backing can be coated at high tem- peratures without damage. Custom- ised colouring of the PET tape car- pet backing opens a whole world of new design possibilites. PET FIBCs First a 1.5 liter PET bottle, then a big bag with a load capacity of 2 tons? PET tape fabric delivers all the must- haves for a heavy-duty application such as FIBCs. Its high creep resist- ance ensures form stability and allows multiple stacking for long periods of time. PET big bags can be used as a cost-saving alternative to cardbord drums and octabins. PP*STAR ® PET pinch bottom bags Pinch bottom bags made of PET/ rPET tape fabric have an excellent aroma barrier and a stunning shelf appearance. Made of a composite of PET tape fabric and reverse printed BOPET film, PP*STAR ® PET pinch bottom bags are strong, good looking, foodsafe, and work per- fectly on automatic filling lines. The use of rPET helps to conserve raw materials and reduce energy use and green- house gas emissions. With Starlinger‘s tex- tile PET technology not only virgin PET, but also rPET flakes and pellets can be pro- cessed to produce high-performance woven PET tape fabric suitable for a wide range of applications. Input materials • virgin PET • rPET pellets • rPET flakes • mixed, e.g. virgin PET pellets with rPET bottle flakes All these materials can be used to produce food-grade packaging (optional equipment required). Advantages • high creep resistance • improved abrasion resistance • for food-grade packaging • customised UV protection • multiple stacking for long periods of time • long-term form stability • less bulging • high seam strength • packaging material for very low/high ambient temperature conditions • new bag designs possible • printing also with waterbased inks • a cost-cutting alternative to expensive bulk packaging From rPET flake to tape to fabric The most economic choice: rPET flakes from ground PET bottles can be directly transformed into high- performance tapes which are used to produce fabric for a wide variety of packaging applications. Development raw material prices: PP, rPET, rPET flakes clear rPET flakes and virgin PP: cost parity with a price difference of EUR 200/ton rPET flakes are the most economic input material for PET tape production: if rPET flakes are cheaper than virgin PP by EUR 200/ton, tape production with PET flakes is more profitable (based on Starlinger’s calculation model assuming a production of 2 million FIBCs/year and equal costs for labour, energy, capital expenditure, space requirements and spare parts). Raw material price development Europe, 2014 - 2016. Sources: myCEPPI, KIWEB EUR/ton rPET flakes clear 1200 1100 1000 900 800 700 600 1400 1300 09/2014 06/2016 03/2016 12/2015 09/2015 06/2015 03/2015 12/2014 09/2016 PP rPET 1403 1065 880 725 945 943 1004 1267 1055 Applications • high-performance big bags • hot-fill and food-grade packaging • pinch bottom bags • carpet backing • dunnage bags • cotton sleeves • tarpaulins and geo-textiles • IBC replacement for cardboard octabins, drums, ... • carrier bags 1a Hot air dryer and pre-drying unit (non-food) 1b viscoSTAR SSP reactor (food- grade) 2 Dosing and mixing unit 3 Extruder with high-vacuum unit 4 Melt filter with backflushing 5 Die 6 Chill roll 7 Holding unit 8 Hot air oven 9 Stretching unit ... 10 Winders 1a 10 9 8 7 6 54 3 2 1b Machine configurations for non-food and food-grade PET tape production