Starlinger - woven*FFS

Coated Woven Characteristics Barrier to Moisture Paper Regular 2 plies used in Cement Packaging (150g/m 2 ) woven*FFS® Woven (60g/m²) Coated with ELITE™ (40g/m²) Water Permeability (g/m²*d) 3500 > 2000 Interlayer Adhesion WOVEN Stitched Woven PP (60g/m²) / Coated with RCoPP (25g/m²) Woven PP to R-CoPP woven*FFS® Woven (60g/m²) Coated with ELITE™ (40g/m²) Woven HD to ELITE™ Interlayer Adhesion (N/15mm) 5 > 15 Dart (B type) (g) >1.500 >7.000 >7.000 ~1.000 400-500 1.000 3.000 ~250 ~300 Secant Modulus 2% (Mpa) CD Elmendorf Tear MD (g) Elmendorf Tear CD (g) Secant Modulus 2% (Mpa) MD 750 4.500 ~450 ~500 PLASTICS FFS 80μ PLASTICS FFS 140μ woven*FFS® Source: Dow Internal As the following charts show, the innovative woven*FFS technology can provide the required high toughness, impact and tear resistance, while sealability properties provide improved moisture resistance. SEAL STRENGTH VS. TEMPERATURE 0 20 40 60 80 100 Seal Strength (N/15mm) Temperature (°C) woven*FFS® PLASTICS FFS 80µ PLASTICS FFS 140µ 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 page 4 | woven*FFS® THE 3 ENABLERs: Polyethylene (PE) Resins from Dow Dow has been a leader in the packaging industry for decades. Working with Dow, gives you access to a broad portfolio of technology solutions combined with years of experience and expertise in the packaging industry. With our broad portfolio of resin solutions, Dow has dedicated its teamof technical experts and leading-class research and development (R&D) resources to work towards the sustainable packaging solutions of tomorrow to help converters meet consumer demand today. Benefits for BrandOwners In line with this, Dow recognizes the importance of packaging as a marketing tool in and of itself. Having targeted its solutions to offer enhanced properties, Dow solutions are ready to overcome this challenge. With resins that integrate excellent aesthetics and printability, Dow solutions help brand owners separate their products from the crowd as well as offer strength and high performance to ensure it stays that way for a while. Benefits for Converters Dow offers a variety of film substrates and resins for flexible packaging for heavy-duty shipping sacks (HDSS) applications. ELITE™ Enhanced Polyethylene Resins fromDow can provide a material solution that goes beyond the traditional combination of performance attributes. With increased lightweighting capabilities and enhanced processability, converters can benefit from improved sustainability benefits while ensuring that performance is maintained. ELITE™ Enhanced Polyethylene Resin and woven*FFS ® Excellent processability on Starlinger extrusion coating / laminating line stacoTEC Low neck in reducing edge trims High performance packaging sealant with: • Low hot tack initiation temperature to help avoid tape damage and for faster FFS line speed up to 2000 bags/hr (25 kg) • High seal strength for demanding field applications like cement, fertilizers, food packaging, etc. woven*FFS® | page 5 ™ ® Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”), Haver & Boecker, Starlinger or affiliated companies of these companies ™ ® The DOW DIAMOND Logo and ELITE are trademarks of The Dow Chemical Company; Haver and Boecker Logo is a trademark of Haver and Boecker; Starlinger Logo and woven FFS design are trademarks of Starlinger.