Starlinger - Odour Reduction Technology

ODOUR REDUCTION Post-consumer plastic waste – through treatment with Starlinger´s odour reduction recycling process – is converted to permanently smell-improved regranulate fit for re-use in end applications with higher quality demands. The smell of plastics as well as their regrind and regranulate is caused by a variety of substances, such as residues of monomers, oxidation, hydrolysis and decomposition products (VOCs - volatile contaminants). Even odours and flavours of the packaged product can migrate into the plastic. OD UR REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY In addition to color and mechanical properties, smell has become an important and even critical issue affecting the quality of regranulate. Odour reduction technology creates new and finer applications for recyclers and converters. Advantages of Starlinger technology for odour reduction: • Up-cycling of post-consumer plastics • Customised design depending on polymer type, application and odour level • Permanently smell improved regranulate without additives • Well-proven technology and energy efficient design • High level of automation • Excellent resin quality PP meal trays HDPE detergent bottles HDPE milk bottles Starlinger recycling technology puts a focus on smell reduction during and after the recycling process for an additonal benefit of r-pellets – an important step of up- cycling!