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Special features and services Online color measurement Colour deviations from a set standard are detected and serve as an inline quality control of the input material. Deviations can be offset by adding additive (either liquid or masterbatch). Online writer and archiving The online writer collects all relevant production data for secure traceability. Up to 50 parameters can be stored in short sequences in an internal memory and thus are saved in the event of a power cut. Automatic food-grade monitoring Food-grade relevant process parameters are monitored; in case of deviations the material is automatically rejected. Consequently, only food-safe material is produced. Inline viscosimeter The continuously measured IV of the PET melt during extrusion helps to control quality and indicates any required change of settings. recoSTAR technology is designed for high automation and user-friendliness. The touch screen enables a simple start-stop procedure, RFID-chip user levels and screenshots (USB port). This ensures highest efficiency and consequently fast ROI. Features are either standard or can be added according to customer’s requirements recoSTAR PET art recoSTAR PET art Type 125 145 165 215 330 Dimensions Height [mm] 13300 13300 14000 16200 14000 Height [inches] 524 524 551 638 551 Footprint [mm] 22000 x 20500 23000 x 20500 23000 x 20500 25500 x 20500 35000 x 32000 Footprint [inches] 866 x 807 906 x 807 906 x 807 1004 x 807 1378 x 1260 Output [kg/h] 1000 - 1200 1300 - 1500 1900 - 2100 3000 - 3200 3800 - 4200 Output [lbs/h] 2204 - 2646 2866 - 3306 4189 - 4630 6614 - 7055 8377 - 9259 Plant energy consumption [kWh/kg] 0.34-0.39 Extruder Screw Diameter (L/D) [mm] 125 (24) 145 (24) 165 (24) 215 (24) 2x165 (24) Screw Diameter (L/D) [inch] 4.9 (24) 5.7 (24) 6.5 (24) 8.5 (24) 2x6.5 (24) Downstream equipment Underwater pelletiser x x x x x Automatic strand pelletiser Alternativ Alternativ Alternativ Alternativ Alternativ Solid State Polycondesation IV increase [dl/g/h] 0.01-0.02 All data depending on design! recoSTAR® is a registered trademark of Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft m.b.H. Starlinger recycling technology Furtherstrasse 47a 2564 Weissenbach, Austria T: + 43 2674 800 3101 F: + 43 2674 86328 E: Starlinger Head Office Sonnenuhrgasse 4 1060 Vienna, Austria T: + 43 1 59955-0, F: -180 Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft m.b.H. A member of Starlinger Group RECYCLING LINE recoSTAR PET art for post-consumer PET bottle flakes, FIFO pre-drying, single screw extrusion, FIFO Solid State Polycondensation, high-end bottle-to-bottle recycling, automatic food-grade monitoring We reserve the right to technical modifications. DPR-24941-09V

RECYCLING LINE recoSTAR PET art Machines pictured may include equipment sold as options. PET flakes are heated and dried in a single-stage process with hot desiccant air. The special design of the dryer outlets results in center flow prevention, consistent residence time and FIFO processing, ensuring ideal preparation for the extrusion process. A choice of filtration and pelletising systems are available. The downstream inline vacuum SSP reactor uses the energy of the previous step. Special FIFO design ensures consistent reaction parameters, adjustable IV increase as well as highly effective decontamination (ultra-low VOC, AA < 1 ppm) for food contact applications. recoSTAR PET art produces rPET pellets of highest consistency (shape, flow behaviour, cristallinity, humidity, etc.) and highest purity (ultra-low levels of acetaldehyde, ethylenglycol and VOCs). 1. Feeding screw 2. Metal separator 3. Combined drying unit 4. Extruder 5. Melt pump 6. Melt filter with backflush 7. Underwater pelletiser with inline crystallisation 8. Post-cristallisation unit 9. Separate vacuum feeding system 10. SSP preheater 11. Heat exchanger for preheater 12. SSP reactor 13. Discharge unit 14. Energy recovery kit 15. Pellet water cooler 16. Storage silo Starlinger recycling technology allows utmost flexibility for the customer and adjustment to the ever-changing requirements in the market or applications through modular design. FIFO pre-drying of the PET bottle flakes ensures optimal preparation for subsequent extrusion. Single-stage drying with hot, dessicant air according to the First-In First-Out principle. Single-screw extrusion with short melt phase. The melt pump increases the overall output, stabilizes the melt pressure and ensures a consistent process and melt quality. The underwater pelletiser produces spherical pellets. The downstream inline crystallizer takes advantage of the embedded melt energy and crystallizes the pellets without the need of external heat. Pellet size and bulk density are adjustable. Backflushing melt filters remove solid contaminants. They are designed for straight melt flow and work with an automatic selfcleaning procedure triggered by melt pressure. Cartridge filters are an option for increased filtration surface in a compact housing. Solid State Polycondensation enables consistent and adjustable IV increase with the FIFO principle. Outstanding decontamination for bottle-to-bottle application. Acetaldehyde and other VOCs are reduced to the levels of virgin resin. Compact design: The set-up of the recycling line is flexible, most popular options are L, U, or line shape. Each layout option utilizes minimal foot print while maintaining access to relevant operation and maintenance points. Easy Maintenance High up-time and machine availability are key for low production costs. Smart solutions such as dry vacuum pumps or open loop desiccant air flow reduce maintenance requirements to a minimum. High-end bottle-to-bottle recycling line for the recycling of post-consumer bottle flakes after the washing process. The end product is melt-filtrated, uniform granulate of highest purity and lowest VOCs. Advantages recoSTAR PET art Food contact FDA/EFSA Decontamination/ VOC Brand owner approved Low AA level IV increase 4 4 444 pending 4 4 444 with full output • Outstanding food-contact decontamination • Adjustable IV increase • FIFO ensures uniform treatment • Low energy consumption • Small footprint • Convenient operation & maintenance Energy efficiency is ensured by various design features. Energy recovery is available for the pre-heater of the SSP and the final pellets. Alternative energy sources such as natural gas or steam can be used as a cost-friendly alternative for heating.