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State-of-the-art Solid State Polycondensation
for the IV increase of PET and PES pellets. Possible source
material is regranulate of bottles and preforms as well as fibres, nonwovens, sheets and strapping. The
crystalline regranulate after the Starlinger iV+ process has
characteristics like those of PET resin
and is
destined for
food contact applications
such as bottle-to-bottle.
Recycling Line
recoSTAR SSP and viscoSTAR
Hot pellets
from the pelletising unit are
transported into the crystalli-
zer/post-crystallization unit
where the material is pre-
treated before being trans-
ported to the SSP unit.
The control unit
with userfriendly touch-
allows storage of
process and alarm data, a
history overview for each
individual batch and down-
loading to a PC.
AA level is reduced.
Foreign particles, e.g.
glycol, are extracted during
the preheating and SSP pro-
cess under vacuum. VOCs are
minimised or eliminated. The
end product is approved for
food contact applications.
The patented outlet
of the reactor is
designed for constant treat-
ment time of the material in
the reactor, preventing center
flow of the pellets. This FIFO
principle ensures efficient and
regular decontamination and
IV increase.
The preheater
heats up the rPET pellets to
reaction temperature. Process
parameters can be adjusted
to influence the speed of the
IV increase. The cooler allows
immediate packing of the
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