Starlinger - Recycling Line recoSTAR dynamic

recoSTAR dynamic 18 17 19 16 20 18 17 19 16 20 18 17 19 16 20 The SMART feeder optimally prepares the input material and feeds it into the extruder by centrifugal force. The dynamic automation package regulates the ideal operation point. Automatic speed adjustment of rotating disc and positioning of load- controlled intake slider leads to increased output. Higher levels of humidity can be processed. Wear-resistant Extruders are designed and manufac- tured in-house. The optional degassing extruder purifies the melt from volatile con- tamination and monomers. For highly printed, very humid, hygroscopic and / or organically contaminated input material high-vacuum degassing and C-VAC modu- les are available. Melt filters for continuous removal of solid contaminants are available. The optional backflushing function reduces costs for filter screens and operator intervention. In case of higher contamina- tion, a power backflushing or continuous melt filter is recommended. The pelletising solutions are chosen depending on polymer type and preferred pellet shape. In case of automatic strand pelletising, broken strands are automati- cally inserted into the strand pelletiser without operator interference. Alternatively, manual strand, water ring, or underwater pelletising are available. The high pellet quality ensures the production of an end-product with the characteristics of the original product. Up to 100 % reuse is possible. Additives can be added to increase the possi- bilities of reuse by adjusting pellet characteristics. State-of-the-art recycling technology with extended functionalities such as SMART feeder and dynamic automation package. Designed for processing film, fibres, thermoplastic in-house production scrap and washed post-consumer waste from materials such as PE, PP, PET, PES, PA, PLA, PS, PPS as well as foamed products. The most efficient solution for hygroscopic and wet materials. SMART feeder for ideal material preparation prior to extrusion through performing simultaneously the following: S shrink & cut M mix & homogenize A active feed & control R rotate & friction T temperature & dry RECYCLING LINE recoSTAR dynamic degassing unit filter unit C-VAC module pelletising unit 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 18 19 20 15 1. Conveyor belt/screw 2. Single-shaft cutter, stand-alone 3. Conveyor belt with metal detector 7. Extruder 4. Nip roll feeder 5. Edge trim cyclone 6. SMART feeder 8. Degassing extruder 9. Double degassing extruder 10. Melt filtration, discontinuous 11. Melt filter without backflushing 12. Melt filter with backflushing 17. Strand pelletiser 18. Automatic strand pelletiser 19. Underwater pelletiser (UWP) 20. UWP with inline crystallisation 13. Melt filter with power backflushing 14. Continuous melt filter 15. C-VAC degassing extruder with first and second degassing port 16. Water ring pelletiser 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Machines pictured may include equipment sold as options.