The multifunctional packaging genius

The conclusive answer to the growing powder and bulk material markets is AD*STAR®!

The vision of an all-purpose sack has come true, as the AD*STAR® bag can be used for all types of free-flowing goods such as cement, building materials, fertilizer, chemicals, or resin as well as flour, sugar, or animal feed.
Robust, versatile, and eco-friendly, the AD*STAR® sack has gained impressive market shares in different markets since its introduction.

Today, the trade name AD*STAR® is protected as a registered trademark around the world.
Back in the year 2000, around 400 million AD*STAR® bags were produced on 39 AD*STAR® conversion lines. Compare that with today’s global production capacity of over 10 bn. AD*STAR® sacks per year!

The multiskilling champion
Filling volumes from 9 – 75 litres, from nearly airtight to highly air permeable, from extreme low sack weight to maximum strength, from industrial to consumer bag:

AD*STAR® is geared to the respective requirements of each application.

For filling goods that are highly aerated, the main unwind of the ad*starKON is set up for easy conversion to microSTAR perforation. microSTAR takes perforation to a whole new level, guaranteeing high air permeability and, at the same time, virtually zero product emission from the sacks.

It is also possible to laminate high quality printed BOPP film to the fabric. This innovative technique puts AD*STAR® on the map in the consumer bag sector – a range of markets untested until recently, but with enormous potential especially in industrial countries.

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