Customer relations means real partnership at Starlinger.


The latest technology for sustainable woven sack production and plastics recycling from one supplier – plus an extensive service and consulting package. We offer our customers the complete portfolio from project engineering to custom financing solutions, reliable after sales service, ongoing production optimisation, training and advisory services, all the way to end product development.

Starlinger in numbers:

  • Founded in 1835, Starlinger has been in the machinery business for more than 185 years and in the plastic recycling machinery business for more than 35 years

  • over 1400 sack projects in 136 countries worldwide have been realized by Starlinger

  • more than 30 billion AD*STAR® sacks per year are produced worldwide on Starlinger lines

  • over 600 recycling lines installed worldwide

  • the installed recycling capacity on Starlinger recoSTAR systems amounts to over 2 million tons per year

  • No. 1 in technology, now in fifth decade of world market leadership