"As a future-oriented company, adaptability is key when dealing with dynamic challenges. We are determined to face them and solve them together with our sustainability team."

Angelika Huemer

CEO, Starlinger & Co Gmbh

Green, CSR, ESG, Sustainability

... the conscious use of resources has many facets and a long history – just like us, the family business Starlinger. Since our foundation in 1835 we have combined ambition, capacity and innovation and are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and society. Whether as a regionally anchored family business or a globally active mechanical engineering company, sustainable management is our top priority. This solid foundation enables us to move forward boldly with the aim of realizing our vision of a future fit for our grandchildren.

We proudly look back on a wealth of experience in the development and production of machines for processing and recycling plastics. In order to actively help define the best possible and most efficient use of plastics, we attach great importance to networking along the value chain. This is the only way to make the circular economy a reality and turn green buzzwords into real progress. As a machine manufacturer, Starlinger assumes responsibility in this regard and makes its contribution with the help of the technological expertise it has built up over almost 200 years.

We are also committed to making our own business operations sustainable by taking a comprehensive look at the environmental, social and economic aspects of our actions.

Plastics and packaging

Can plastic packaging be sustainable and help reduce emissions? Yes, plastic packaging is part of the solution. The diverse properties of plastic enable flexible, sustainable and recyclable use, from food packaging to industrial packaging. In addition, plastic offers optimal properties for the recycling process, allowing the material to be efficiently recycled and reused. This closes the loop!


Circular economy

Derived from natural cycles, Starlinger is working on technologies to put this model for an environmentally conscious society into practice. This requires a broad perspective in order to understand all aspects of the product life cycle and integrate them into the process. In particular, well thought-out product design lays the foundation for a functioning circular economy. Our tasks include not only the development of recycling technologies, but also cooperation projects along the value chain.




Circular and efficient.

With our commitment to the environment, we are helping to shape a green future. Resource-conserving management is the be-all and end-all. From efficiently designed work processes to the constantly optimized design of our machines, we ensure resource-saving production and actively contribute to climate protection. These improvements not only reduce energy consumption, but also the use of materials and ultimately greenhouse gas emissions - for us and for our customers. 

We have been putting the principles of the circular economy into practice for over 30 years - the development and implementation of circular concepts are ultimately part of our core ethos. The focus is not only on post-consumer waste, but also on industrial waste.

In addition to regularly evaluating our site conditions, we also aim to increase the proportion of renewable energy we produce and use.



Solid and familiar.

As a family business, we see it as our responsibility to provide our employees with a safe and stable working environment that allows them to combine their professional and private lives. We attach great importance to attractive working conditions with high social standards. Through flexible working models, training and further education opportunities, childcare support and the payment of bonuses, we promote talent and vision, thereby strengthening the potential of our employees.

Regular company events and opportunities to contribute innovative inputs, or projects such as the implementation of company health management, also offer essential prerequisites for satisfaction, cooperation, and health and safety in the workplace.

By supporting local associations and projects, we are in close contact with the communities at our locations and are an important and responsible employer in the regions.


Innovative and competent.

Inventiveness and engineering - skills that have made us the market and technology leader. By generating scope for creative thinking, we not only enable innovation, but also set standards in the field of sustainable and flexible packaging concepts. For us, successful implementation is only possible in close cooperation with our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. Through respectful interaction on an equal footing and long-term, family-like partnerships, we ensure a dynamic working environment and thus promote our expertise. In doing so, we build on trust in each other to achieve the common goal of a sustainable future.

Despite our global presence, as a family business we remain firmly anchored in Austria and rely on regional suppliers. We are therefore committed to high-quality European products and are careful to integrate environmental and social criteria into our procurement processes.



It goes without saying that we build on cooperation and collaboration in the spirit of responsible business. As a member of numerous initiatives and platforms, we are in regular contact with other stakeholders and work together with them on effective solutions and sustainable approaches. Here is a selection of our memberships in the area of sustainability:

UN Global Compact

By signing the UN Global Compact, the world's largest initiative for sustainability and corporate responsibility, we have committed ourselves to the 10 universal principles and are thus increasingly involved in the areas of environmental protection, labor standards, human rights and anti-corruption.



As a member of respACT - austrian business council for sustainable development - we use the existing network to find out about current CSR issues and exchange information with colleagues from other companies.

Platform Packaging with a Future

In the spirit of cooperation, the Packaging with a Future platform offers us an ideal opportunity to face the challenges in the packaging sector together with committed companies along the value chain.


As an associate member of the European FIBC association, we are actively working with other companies to close the loop for industrial packaging. Among other things, we are involved in the creation of an appropriate "Design for Recycling" guideline.


The Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (FIBCA) was formed in 1983 by the companies that were manufacturing bulk bags at that time.
FIBCA today is committed to educating the public on the benefits, uses, correct handling methods for bulk bags and its mission is to motivate customers to use FIBCs to maximize their profitability, safety, and sustainability.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our sustainability team: csr[at]starlinger.com.