Recycling for woven sacks made of PP, PE and PET

New from old.
Not only PET bottles, also woven plastic sacks constitute a valuable secundary resource. Woven sack production scrap is ideal for recycling – be it start-up lumps and endless tapes from the extrusion process, residual tapes on bobbins or tangled tapes from weaving, or printed and coated rejects from sack conversion. This way, you can make the most of your production scrap and at the same time reduce the costs for raw material consumption and waste handling, storing and disposal. Our recoSTAR lines designed for recycling woven sacks process contaminated, humid and heavily printed sack waste and turn it into high-quality pellets that can be reused in woven sack production.


From big bag to big bag

A closed packaging loop for woven sacks is no longer out of question. With the "Circular Packaging" concept for big bags, Starlinger customers are among the pioneers in this field. The main challenges: Big bags are produced in various designs and material­ compositions, and there are hardly any functioning collection schemes for them (until now). The more the principles of Design for Recycling (DfR) are applied in big bag production, and the more big bags are collected and recycled after their use, the greater the benefit for the environment – and, ultimately, for us.

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