Woven plastic packaging is without doubt one of the most sustainable packaging solutions worldwide.

And much sought after – global demand is increasing by 4 % each year – more than for any other type of industrial packaging.

Starlinger supplies all machines for the production of a wide range of woven sacks made of polypropylene and PET – even from recycled material. This is a first step towards a circular economy. With our "Circular Packaging" concept for woven plastic packaging we offer a closed product loop and contribute to an efficient and resource-conserving use of plastics.

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rPET big bags made of 117 Post-Consumer PET bottles


The power of 117 recycled PET bottles

From bottles to big bags? Spanish FIBC manufacturer CLIMESA is one of the pioneers in producing big bags made of rPET. They are not only a sustainable…

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Solutions for food-grade recycled post-consumer PE, PP, PS and PET at NPE 2024

Super-cleaning and odor reduction solutions for the most popular consumer packaging materials: The two Starlinger business units viscotec and…

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Chinaplas: Starlinger presents circular economy solutions for plastic packaging

The Austrian technology leader for woven plastic packaging production and supplier of plastics recycling systems sets the focus on circular packaging…

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Crafter AD*STAR Produktionsrekord


Approaching the record of 200,000 AD*STAR® sacks per day

By producing 199,000 AD*STAR® block bottom sacks in 24 hours on a single conversion line, Crafters Polypropylene Packages (PVT) Ltd. has achieved a…

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Türkei: Recycelte Big Bags mit Starlinger-Technologie


Recycled Big Bags made in Türkiye with Starlinger technology

Gaziantep-based big bag producer Prof Sentetik manufactures big bags with recycled polypropylene. To meet the high standards for heavy-duty tape…

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