Sewn standard sack

A sack for every purpose

Without plastic packaging, trade and industry would simply be unthinkable today. In many parts of the world, woven polypropylene sacks are among the most important packaging solutions for dry bulk goods: be it flour, rice, sugar, grain, or building materials and chemical granulates – PP woven sacks in their numerous designs offer hygienic and durable packaging for all of them, protecting the contents and preventing product loss. Starting from the classic sewn uncoated bag, they can be equipped with additional features such as coating, carrying handles, easy-open closure, micro-perforation, BOPP lamination or various inliners, depending on the application and product requirements. As mono-material packaging, PP woven sacks can also easily be recycled.

However, increasing demand for resources and growing amounts of waste pose major challenges for economy and society. How can we utilise the many advantages of plastic packaging and at the same time reduce or completely avoid the impact on the environment? For decades, Starlinger has been committed to enable resource-saving production by developing technologies to produce thinner and lighter fabrics with greater strength. And with the processing of recycled materials in woven bag production, bag manufacturers now also have the opportunity to establish closed packaging loops in their markets.