Post Industrial

Recycling is the first step in a second life cycle

Production waste is generated during various process steps: Extruder start-up, winding, weaving, cutting and converting, printing, to name but a few. It can be contaminated during the process steps, e.g. by moisture or dust. Material handling therefore plays a key role, as the quality of the input material for recycling is crucial for high-quality recycled pellets.

We take on this challenge by developing systems that can process a wide range of production waste with different properties and at the same time ensure that even high proportions of recycled pellets do not negatively impact the production process.

Production and post-industrial waste can be processed on three different systems:

  • recoSTAR direct – for regrind only
  • recoSTAR dynamic – for moist and pre-shredded waste as well as for inline applications such as continuous edge trim
  • recoSTAR universal – for dry waste without pre-shredding
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