Customer Service Center

Starlinger's dedicated and knowledgeable service team is one of the key benefits you enjoy as a Starlinger customer.

As the first point of contact, the Customer Service Center handles inquiries from our customers and offers support via phone, remote access or by means of a visit from one of our highly qualified technicians. With around 1600 international flights per year, our specialists from Weissenbach are supporting customers in the packaging and recycling sector all over the world. Well-trained Starlinger technicians are based in more than 20 countries to carry out machine installations and service work or provide rapid support in the regions they serve.

Our training team imparts the technical know-how required for optimum operation of our systems and maximum production efficiency – not only to our own technicians, but also to our customers.

The comprehensive expertise of our service team combined with many years of practical experience are strengths that benefit you as a customer and ensure the operational reliability of your Starlinger system:

  • Cost-effective, demand-oriented support
  • Processing of technical inquiries
  • Quick analysis and troubleshooting
  • Prompt delivery of spare parts
  • On-site support
  • Maintenance and performance optimization
  • Systematic operator training

Machine installation: We are system partners.

When you buy from Starlinger, you don't just buy machines – you get the whole package. As a system partner, our cooperation does not end with the sale of the machine; the relationship with our customers goes far beyond the purchase.

We install and commission the respective machine project at the customer's premises and train the personnel on site in the production process. As soon as the Starlinger line is operating at its optimum level, we hand it over to the customer.

We offer technical consulting on request to optimize the process flow, increase production efficiency and reduce production waste.

Spare parts: Safety through our know-how

Starlinger original spare parts are part of the machine development process and are therefore perfectly matched to the respective system. Their quality and functionality meet the highest standards throughout the entire production process. They also have a very special advantage: every improvement to our products is automatically incorporated into the design and manufacture of the corresponding spare parts.

Troubleshooting: Personally and professionally

What you can't buy anywhere else – at Starlinger you get it during the entire machine lifetime: service and troubleshooting, technical consulting, and process optimization.

In our Customer Service Center, the first exchange of information usually takes place on the phone or by email. In case we are not immediately available: Every inquiry receives an initial response within 24 hours – even if there is a time difference.

In complex cases, our service technicians use a database to analyze which parts have been used in the machines concerned, and how optimum operation can be restored taking into account the individual conditions at the customer. If necessary, technicians from our Starlinger branch offices, our local service staff or specialists from Austria are dispatched with the necessary materials.

The Starlinger
Training Center


We lay the focus on you and your Starlinger machines.

At our training center in Weissenbach, we not only train our own installation and service technicians - your staff who work on Starlinger lines are welcome, too! And Weissenbach is not the only place for your employees to receive further training: We offer trainings directly at your premises. If necessary, we also carry out online trainings.

Know-how for best performance.

  • Deepen your theoretical knowledge.
  • Expand your practical knowledge.
  • Learn how to analyze, correct and avoid errors.

Quality requires qualification.

With trainings, you

  • increase the qualifications of your management and employees by
    • expanding/deepening their process and product knowledge
    • providing additional know-how in quality management
  • increase and stabilize production by
    • carrying out continuous service work on the machines
    • working professionally and productively with optimally adjusted production lines
    • correct cleaning of the systems
  • reduce production waste to a minimum.

All trainings are individually tailored to your requirements and needs.


If you are interested, please contact training[at]

Do you need our support?

Then write to us at service[at] or give us a call: +43 2674-800-0