PP*STAR® – the fully automatic pinch bottom bag made of PP fabric


The PP*STAR® concept combines the advantages of polypropylene tape fabric and printed BOPP film in a future-oriented packaging solution for dry bulk goods distributed in retail. PP*STAR® bags, designed with a pinch bottom, are ideal for dry pet food and garden fertilizers, but are also suitable for other products such as seeds, flour, sugar, or rice.

Lightweight, robust, attractive, environmentally friendly

The more advanced the packaging material, the less its weight: Because this translates into less material consumption, lower material costs, and conservation of the environment.

The challenge therefore is to fulfill important requirements like tensile and tear strength despite using a thinner and lighter layer of material. For larger quantities of bulk goods which need protection against environmental influences or breakage, one had to rely on multi-layer paper sacks or thick plastic film sacks.

Until now: A composite material consisting of BOPP-laminated polypropylene tape fabric has sufficient strength even for larger filling quantities, making multi-layer packaging unnecessary. A single-layer PP*STAR® bag for 25 kg content weighs only 118 g on average – this is a weight reduction of more than 55 % compared to a 4-layer paper bag of the same size.

Pinch bottom with a special effect

The Starlinger PP*STAR® bag is a pinch-bottom sack made of polypropylene tape fabric laminated with printed BOPP film (BOPP: biaxially oriented polypropylene). Its unique strength and stability come from the special properties of the tape fabric: During the extrusion process, the polypropylene tapes are stretched and oriented to increase tensile strength. In the next step, the tapes are used to produce tubular fabric. Subsequently, the BOPP film – reverse printed to protect the print motif from abrasion – is laminated onto the fabric using an adhesive layer of thinly extruded polypropylene. The result: an attractive, lightweight, and break-proof packaging solution, unrivaled in tear resistance and puncture strength.